Born 1948 in Furstenfeld, Austria. Has been living in Germany as a musician since 1975. Performances as a conductor, piano accompanist as well as a cabaret artist and improvisor, solo and in different ensembles. Compositions include music for theatre, songs and chansons as well as music for solo instruments, for small ensembles, orchestra and choir.
1984 – 88 musical director at the Landestheater Tuebingen. Since this time he has been living in Tuebingen.
Has been teaching piano, accordion and composition in Nagold since 1989.
In 2004, he published his poetry volume „durch dickicht rätsel dorn und röschen“ („through thicket, riddle, thorn and roses“)
In 2006, he established the musical choir „Anything Goes“
In 2007, first performance of the „Irish Fantasy“ for harp, pan flute and string orchestra at the Celtic Festival in Nagold.

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